honed tubes

Honed Tubes

Hydraulic tubes are seamless steel precision pipes, manufactured for hydraulics. The tube have a standard size for pressure ranges, with standard diameters up to 200mm. tubes are supplied by manufacturers in length 3m, cleaned, oiled and plugged (the tube are interconnected by different types of flanges (especially for the larger sizes and pressures), welding cones/nipples (with o-ring seal), several types of flare connection and by cut-rings In large sizes, hydraulic pipes are used. Direct joining of tubes by welding is not acceptable since the interior cannot be inspected)
The piston moves instead downwards if oil is pump into the piston rod side chamber in the oil from the piston rod area flows back to the reservoir without pressure. The pressure in the piston rod area chamber is (pull force) / (piston area – piston rod area)

Sizes : 32mm Bore – 200mm Bore
Length : up to 3 meters

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