scissor lift

Scissor Lift

A lift table is a device that employs a scissor mechanism to raise or lower material in such a way as to provide right positioning for operators. The purpose of this equipment is to reduce potential for ijury that result from repeated bending and stretching in various work settings, in addition, the implementation of the equipment typically increases worker productivity to such an extent that operational savings exceed its cost.

Lift tables can come in a vast array of configuration and can be built to suit various highly specialized industrial processes. The most common lift table design incorporates hydraulic cylinder and the electrical motor to actuate the scissor lifting mechanism. Lift table can also be driven by pneumatic source or by hydraulic foot pump when the load is not sufficiently heavy. Lift tables can be mounted in a pit for floor-level loading; can include rotating tops, tilting mechanism, and other various features to ensure operator safety and ease of use.



Common uses of lift tables include

Industries that commonly use lift table include;
Paper, Printing and Publishing
Warehousing and Distribution
Light assembly
Heavy Machinery and tranaportattion

Capacity : ½ ton to 5 tons


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